Yoga is a path of remembrance; 

of recognition;

in which One feels their true nature - undivided Wholeness - as direct experience.

To practice Yoga is to restore intimacy with reality; 

to become a willing participant in the Life that has been given. 

For the beauty is here,

and the beauty is now.

It can be no other way.

So, when will you begin that auspicious journey? 

The one which ends right where it started.

Returning to the Heart.

There are many paths of Yoga, yet there is one that has prevailed here in the west - Haṭhayoga. A primarily physical practice, in which we utilise the intricacies of body, breath and mind to direct energy in a way that is conducive to Self realisation. However, what we see in modern society is a far cry from tradition. 

The Haṭha Yogins were never concerned with flexibility, the length of their hamstrings, or performing the ultimate handstand; for them, it was all about coming into touch with the inherent power which lies within the spine. Namely, Kundalinī.

With an emphasis on the stabilising of - and awakening to - this great mystery, the tradition of Haṭhayoga lays out a systematic path. A map which, if followed wisely, guides the practitioner toward a harmonious relationship with that inner divinity. Thus, stepping into full ownership of our Life and birthright. 

One meaning of the term Tantra is 'to weave'. It is by this very weaving, we can draw threads from many streams of knowledge related to the internal arts. The tradition of Śrīvidyā, in which I am steeped, does just this; utilising the great wisdom traditions of Yoga, Tantra, and Vedānta. This alchemy allows for a progressive, and efficient passage which cuts through all prior conditioning. Leaving only the true Self. 

I am blessed to have received authentic teachings in the field of Tantric Haṭhayoga, as they were transmitted directly from tradition. Arising out of my own journey through practice, it is with great passion that I now share this knowledge with Beings across the world. This is usually carried out through one-to-one private sessions, as well as group trainings/workshops. Each practice infused with the technology of āsana, prāṇāyāma, kriyā, mantra, mudrā and meditation.

If you hear the longing to step toward the Soul and fully enrich your life, then please find information regarding all upcoming events here.