The Knowing Of Being

The mind is an incredibly powerful tool. One that has enabled us to live in an age of immense comfort, convenience and innovation. However, when it comes to understanding the true nature of reality, mind has its limitations.

Studies have shown that we humans perceive less than 1% of the visible light spectrum. This means that we are unable to see over 99% of what is actually happening around us.

Clearly, to trust in the five senses is to miss out on so much this Life has to offer!

We have evolved significantly in the world through cultivating and sharing information. However, a great leap in humanity awaits us; once we recognise the border which this worldly wisdom inevitably comes up against. By humbly acknowledging that we cannot know everything merely with intellect, a new wealth of possibilities is presented to us. It all begins with the acceptance that our previously held beliefs may not be entirely valid. The tendency is to cling tightly to knowledge One has accumulated, and then try to stuff more into that limited storehouse of mind. Yet, it is in the spaciousness that comes about through loosening our grip, that a sense of true 'knowingness' arises.

Thus, the great paradox, it is by opening to the unknown and allowing it all the way in, that One can truly know the Self.

Beyond words, beyond image, beyond all perception. The truth of what you are can never be known , it can only be experienced. Even to call it an experience is not entirely accurate, since it has no beginning or end.

It is not to be found within anything, but as the substance of everything.

Ultimately, to strive to know something would imply that it is separate from us. That it is something outside of "me" to be studied. Thus, the Source is never fully grasped. Placing aside all need to analyse and dissect, rest in your experience as it is. It is in this space; Being gives way to Knowing.

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