Shining From A Steady Mind

As we progress in our practice, and in life itself, the requirement for a quiet mind is essential. Without a quiet mind, every action is informed by the noise of stories, expectations, judgements, and strongly held false beliefs. These are all concepts which draw us further from Truth, impeding our experience of each moment in its purity.

If life seems undesirable, fingers cannot be pointed outwardly; only to Oneself. For all perception is informed by this clouded mind.

"Yogas-citta-vrtti-nirodhah" ~ Yoga Sutra 1.2 Yoga was always about this. As the great sage, Patanjali, pronounced; Yoga is the stilling of the fluctuations of mind. Therefore, without this important element we are not really practicing Yoga at all. Cultivating a quiet mind should be the very first step on any path, for it is from this steady space that One can discern what is true from what is untrue. One can discern between what is essential, and what is merely created to maintain a sense of separate identity. Further, once the mind has been restored to its natural, pristine state it can then be directed toward Source. At this stage, energetic practices become far more useful and sustainable. Here's the good news. The power is in our hands! Even amidst a noisy world, we have countless practices available to us, now more than ever, which can quickly and efficiently immobilise the roaming tendencies of mind, bringing it into a state of tranquil repose. Bathing in the light of its own brilliance.

What once may have seemed an impossible task suddenly becomes achievable, when we realise there is in fact nothing to do. Rather, it is the cessation of activity that leads to us resting in our essential nature.

Once the minds ideas about reality reach an end, all that is left is for Reality to shine as it is. Inherently beautiful, absolutely equanimous, and utterly divine.

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