A Life Of Intimacy

As we step out into a world of plastic screens, masks, and distanced encounters, it is clear that what we need to cultivate - now more than ever - is some level of intimacy.

This "new normal", which bypasses human interaction through the use of apps and contactless technology, will inevitably move us further away from one another as a society. Thus, further away from our own Heart.

Thankfully there is hope, as intimacy starts at home. Intimacy starts with the Self.

As we become more familiar with our own experience, this intimate nature expresses itself throughout our daily life. By moving from an acquainted sense of the depth of our own Being, we offer a more connected approach to our meeting with others. This genuine heartfelt communication allows One to look beyond external distractions, to the very core of our shared human experience.

One powerful way to explore this Self-affiliation is through our Yoga practice. Devoting time each day, to enter into the ongoing play between body and breath, we can begin to feel the nuance of relationship, just as a lover gets to know their mate deeply. This particular practice of body-breath-mind relationship is so powerful; yet, what if I were to tell you that every moment of Life is a chance to deepen in intimacy? When was the last time you stopped to smell a flower?

When was the last time you truly felt the intricacies of warm breeze on your skin? When was the last time you sat back and savoured the sensation of your morning coffee, as it pours down your throat; the alchemy of flavours as they bounce off your palate?

Every happening is an opportunity to deepen our connection to what is. By offering our attention to all of the seemingly insignificant moments, we find a whole world of possibilities to refine the way in which we live. When we are truly willing to participate in whatever experience arises, the beauty of creation chooses us as it's dance partner.

Intimacy starts here. Deepen your loving connection with every breath, and you will find this affection extends to all aspects of Life. Including, and especially, our relationship with others. The possibility is in our hands and now is the time to tap into this field of unconditional love, so we can stand together as the one unified Heart. We are all currently immersed in this version of reality, so let us share it from a space of inner freedom; inner truth. Let us share it from a space of Love.

"This whole universe is a path of liberation,

A vast arena for your endless play.

Playing, let your awareness be everywhere at once.

Planets, stars, swirling galaxies, subatomic motes -

All are dancing within you.

Enter the rhythm,

Descend into the space between beats.

Dissolve into intimacy with the Dancing One."

~ Lorin Roche 'The Radiance Sutras'

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